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Stream Of Consciousness Review: Captain America The Winter Soldier

Wide open shots of the American capital as Fitness Man From the 1940’s undermines a minority with his superhuman superiority. “You’re no Jessie Owens!” The Captain does not miss polio, perhaps the most old timey of antiquated diseases. He also keeps a notebook of things he needs to catch up on (doesn’t even fill a […]

Stream of Consciousness Review: Commando

Garbagemen making early morning pickups is a low key way for an 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger actionfest to begin. This couple kind of look like a proto Sopranos Tony and Carmela. This driveway is also very Sopranos. Scratch that the garbagemen were assassins and they just iced that guy. Cause the Garbageman caaaaaan! This Cadillac salesman […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Avengers Assemble

So it seems Zordon from the power rangers is lording over a kind of zombie mummy army, and there’s a… cube? Now it’s Afghanistan or something, there’s a helicopter. Samuel L Jackson was in the chopper. He seems to have glaucoma. Jeremy Renner is explaining the cube. Phillip Schoefield is nowhere to be seen. I […]

The Place Beyond The Pines – Review

The Place Beyond The Pines starts like lightning then crashes like thunder 3/5 The Place Beyond the Pines (PBTP) is director Derek Cianfrance’s followup to his acclaimed Sundance debut Blue Valentine. Like it’s predecessor, the PBTP utilises a staggered timeline for it’s narrative, following several characters across different times. Where in Blue Valentine this dichotomy drove home […]


A high octane thrill ride through the career of a legend 5/5 A significant number of people have never heard of Ayrton Senna. Even those with little to no interest in their respective sports have an understanding of sporting legends such as Michael Jordan or Pele, however Ayrton Senna is arguably as great a talent […]

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

A fantastic festive Finnish feature 5/5 Christmas movies in general are trite, saccharine affairs in which character’s learn the true meaning of Christmas, learn to love one another or rekindle belief in the cuddly Christmas figurehead that is Santa Claus. These movies generally toe this very safe, expected line and as a result, for every die hard […]


Goes down smooth 4/5    Choke is a modestly budgeted, small scale character piece which debuted in 2008 to middling critical reception and meager commercial success. Inevitably, Choke has drawn comparisons to fight club as it is the only other film adaption of maverick novelist Chuck Palahniuk’s viciously idiosyncratic fiction. While the comparison is relevant, it mainly undersells the […]