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A Discerning Palate

A Discerning Palate (A Delectable Descent) We were all rather shocked to discover we had been eating human flesh. Well, eating would be the wrong word. Rather, we were dining. Dining on human flesh had over that period became the height of our groups social calendar, as odd as the thought may seem to you […]

Seven tweets about Starbucks

Seven tweets that offer an insight into my love, hate, mostly hate relationship with the all encompassing mass coffee emporium. WalkerTR77 “My mask of sanity is slipping, I feel lethal, on the brink of frenzy” – #EveryoneInLineAtStarbucks 11:42 AM Feb 22nd from UberSocial for BlackBerry WalkerTR77 Oh no. I’m in Starbucks drinking an egg nogg latte. Why do I do this to […]

Gordon drops the souffle, but it’s the viewers getting fucked.

I like Gordon Ramsay. Despite looking like a bust of his own face that’s been left on a fiercely stormy island for several thousand years, he’s more direct and less precious about what he does than most of his contemporaries. However, his latest foray into weeknight cookery programming – Gordon Behind Bars – in which he […]

Homemade Hot Sauce: Recipe

Hot sauce of any variety, from sweet and tangy Eastern types to the slather on chicken wings American style sauces is good to have around since it’s so versatile. While there are plenty of good options available in the condiment aisle, it’s both easy and satisfying to make your own at home. A basic hot sauce requires […]

Nine Tweets about Jamie Oliver

I thought it would be interesting to use Snap Bird to collate all my tweets about my favourite pillow tongued fuckwit, Jamie Oliver, into one place. Together, they form an interesting composite of scathing hatred. It’s almost a new poetic form. Like a … Shiteku? Well, that may need some work.   WalkerTR77 #OliverOutOfOrder that’s the hashtag I was looking […]