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The Immunological Basis of Asthma & Its Treatments

Introduction Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease characterised by variable, reversible airway obstruction and recurrent episodes of breathlessness or wheezing. Both the causes of the disease and the cellular machinations at play are complex, numerous and incompletely understood. In defining the underlying cause of asthma it is necessary to understand that it is a […]

Essay on the development and function of B1 and B2 cells

Compare and contrast the development and function of B1 and B2 cells throughout life. INTRODUCTION: B cells are the effector cells of antibody mediated immunity, the humoral response. B cells develop from a common lymphoid progenitor cell in the specialised niche of the bone marrow and are stimulated from a naive state to an active […]

Immunochemistry lab report

Immunochemistry lab report INTRODUCTION: In this lab Immunoglobulin G (IgG) was purified from sheep anti-IL-15R serum using a protein G column. The absorbance of this purified sample, as well as those of: pre-immunised serum, wash through and eluate are measured using a spectrophotometer and their protein contents calculated. This purified antibody was also used to […]

Essay on the activation of the complement system and its role in disease

Q. Discuss the pathways leading to complement activation giving examples of diseases where complement regulation is impaired. Introduction The complement system consists of a group of proteins found in the blood plasma and on cell membranes. These proteins play a vital role in assisting the innate and adaptive immune responses with the destruction of pathogens. […]

Malaria will always be with us; discuss this assertion

* An essay prepared for my Infection & Immunity exam. The headings are partly there to help me structure the essay when writing it, and partly to help me memorise it and would not be left in for a hand in essay * Q – Malaria will always be with us; discuss this assertion    […]

Human Energy Metabolism: Lab Report

* Most of the original graphs have not been carried over * Student ID Number Enter Student ID then press TAB Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) Save this file as # 07/#01/#92 Lab: #924 Seat No:     B.7 Instructions.   Type your work directly into the appropriately labelled boxes below.  DO NOT insert any text, tables […]

Treatment of mental ill health with reference to past treatment

* This is another Summer school essay, this time for a psychology course. Like the E-commerce essay, this is one of my first pieces of writing at University level and as such does not represent my best work. The small amount of psychology I studied at this time was enough to disenfranchise me to the subject, […]