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A Real Hero: First Hurdle

First Hurdle 20:12, Wed, 16 Oct, 2047 [The West End] It’s been a long day of lectures followed by continued experiments with Professor Bryce and now the West End is cast in the dim glow of streetlights and passing cars. It makes for an odd contrast on University Avenue, but as I pass by the […]

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: Mhysa

The Power Ranking say a tearful, arrow strewn goodbye. See you in nine months! I HAVE TO GO HOME NOW! #1 Tyrion Lannister (Last Week: Not Ranked) One of the disappointing things about this season was the dissipation of focus on Tyrion. Following the Lil’ Lannister as he manoeuvred the precarious political climate of Kings […]

A Real Hero: Mentor

Mentor 17:48, Sun, 13 Oct, 2047 [My House, G67, AC772] “Ouch!” Stripping the gleaming cover from the emerald wire, I’ve cut into my thumb. A tiny trickle of blood beads off, I quickly wipe it and get back to the task at hand, giving it no further thought. Bleeding has become a common occurrence lately, […]

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: The Rains of Castamere

The Power Rankings are nearly over good God what will I rank after next week?! #1 Walder Frey (Last Week: Not Ranked/Being a miserable bastard) God damn it. The Game of Thrones is about winning, not about being liked and not about playing fair. Walder Frey is a man who has taken this idea to […]

Mad Banter: A Tale of Two Cities

“Because it’s better than being screwed by you” Chaough: “Apparently his feelings were hurt because we haven’t kissed his ring” Pete:  “Well I’d be happy to go there and help soften him up” *Makes no attempt to mask ring kissing enthusiasm Don: “I don’t wanna miss our flight, we going?” Roger: “Right after the partners […]

A Real Hero: The Club

The Club 14:46, Thu, 29 Sept, 2047 [Weir Lecture Theatre; Introductory Behavioural Psychology] “And that pretty much covers the content outlined by today’s intended learning outcomes. We can start delving further into the course in earnest in the lectures after the break, but I suggest you review what we’ve covered so far to prepare for…” Forty-seven minutes past. The big […]

Youtube Gold: “Best Fight Scene of all Time”

  0:02: Immediately a sweaty man is licking a blade threateningly. *Are there non threatening ways to lick a blade? 0:04 Click Here! 0:06 Excellent facial… manoeuvre there. I have no idea what it was supposed to convey but that just speaks to the depth of the acting on display in this clip. 0:08 An […]