Monthly Archives: August 2012

One Hundred and Twenty Seven Fucking Tweets

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes you must search and prowl for just the right words to express what you feel. Then, sometimes you just have to say FUCK IT. WalkerTR77 @calza @niallptolomey Brooker co-wrote this, looks fucking awful – PM Aug 23rd from TweetDeck WalkerTR77 If Duran Duran are not part of the next Olympics someone has fucked up – […]

Seven tweets about Starbucks

Seven tweets that offer an insight into my love, hate, mostly hate relationship with the all encompassing mass coffee emporium. WalkerTR77 “My mask of sanity is slipping, I feel lethal, on the brink of frenzy” – #EveryoneInLineAtStarbucks 11:42 AM Feb 22nd from UberSocial for BlackBerry WalkerTR77 Oh no. I’m in Starbucks drinking an egg nogg latte. Why do I do this to […]

Thirteen tweets about BBC4

In an effort to review my bizarre obsession with the programming of BBC4 I’ve collated all of my tweets about it’s obscure and esoteric documentaries. There’s not even a progression towards disdain, just unpredictable bromides of random scathe and praise. WalkerTR77 BBC4 has decided to air ‘Roy Orbison & friends’, in monochrome, featuring guest appearances from Bruce […]