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Stream of consciousness review: True Lies

Welcome back onto the Schwarzenegger train, next stop, an ass kicking. Back with James Cameron too, that has to be a good thing. Tom Arnold!? Good god no. Bill Paxton!? Good god yes. Wait, this is the start of Metal Gear Solid. This is significantly colder than Arnolds last ingress into occupied territory. No speedos […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Heathers

Ryder. I ride hard for Ryder. All day. Slater. Christian Slater is admittedly more of a mixed bag. Fantastic in Mr Robot though. I don’t think any movie features croquet quite so heavily. Veronica rocking something from the Beetlejuice collection there. Dyslexic serial killer handwriting alert. What is your damage! This movie is so very. […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: The Running Man

  Those are some seriously dodgy 1987 CGI running men right there. “By 2017 the world economy has collapsed. A POLICE STATE, divided into paramilitary zones, rules with an iron hand” this is another one of those unnervingly prescient Trump future movies isn’t it? These days you don’t even have to tell a guy to bomb […]

Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley is a dense, captivating experience that is nonetheless an easygoing one all the same. Less a simulation and more of an expectation realised. What it lacks in difficulty it more than makes up for with charm, variety and freedom.

Fifteen tweets that show my love for the movie “HEAT”

Heat is pretty good. I quite enjoy it. Ali_Gunningham A little insight into one of the greatest of all human achievements, Michael Mann’s HEAT –…29 Dec15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham *In case of De Niro emergency, break glass for Blu-Ray copy of Heat* Nov15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham Echoes of Heat, immense cinematography and sound design. If […]

The Immunological Basis of Asthma & Its Treatments

Introduction Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease characterised by variable, reversible airway obstruction and recurrent episodes of breathlessness or wheezing. Both the causes of the disease and the cellular machinations at play are complex, numerous and incompletely understood. In defining the underlying cause of asthma it is necessary to understand that it is a […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Roadhouse

  I’ve actually seen roadhouse before, and I’m pretty sure I thought it was good. Prove me wrong Swayze. Turquoise bolo tie. Bold. Swayze just brushed off getting stabbed like it was a papercut. Why isn’t autocorrect bothered by “Swayze”? I’ve been headhunted for several jobs while shirtless and performing first aid on myself. Dalton […]