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The Many Faces of Jorah Mormont

A few choice expressions from JMor, our favourite obsequious Kaly-C enthusiast . Advertisements

The Christmas Psychopaths of Greenock

Christmas is a time of sharing, thoughtfulness and the celebration of family and all those dear to you. However, it also presents an opportunity for the manifestation of a tortured, abnormal psyche through the medium of tinsel, LED and decoration. Mental illness great and small, normally overlooked in a mute uncaring world is presented in dazzling physical […]

Tom Selleck Movie Posters: My First Tumblr

In a moment of moustachioed, hirsute inspiration I have made my first foray into Tumblr. Find it here. As a bit of explanation: I was browsing through LoveFilm instant, and noticed it was full of bad Tom Selleck TV movies. I was highly enjoying their silly photoshop covers and thought someone should put them all in […]


Some pictures taken with my iphone that have been given the instagram treatment.

New York Pictures

Pictures taken during my trip to New York in… 2008? Going back at the first opportunity.