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Stream of Consciousness Review: Commando

Garbagemen making early morning pickups is a low key way for an 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger actionfest to begin. This couple kind of look like a proto Sopranos Tony and Carmela. This driveway is also very Sopranos. Scratch that the garbagemen were assassins and they just iced that guy. Cause the Garbageman caaaaaan! This Cadillac salesman […]

Mad Banter: The Better Half

“We’ll probably have to get rid of the dog he’s that afraid of fur” Don: “Butter is actually fresh. Margarine is indestructible”     Chaough: “45 cents a pound is the highest, 29 is the lowest, that’s 50% more expensive. Fleischmanns is Chivas Regal” Don: “Still half the price of butter. It’s Budweiser”   Chaaaaaaough: […]

A Real Hero: Bright Spark

Bright Spark “Your time at University will change you” The words sound far away, lost in the cavernous expanse of the lecture theatre. Eager young faces line the rows of seats, nervous and excited. Most of the eyes are fixed on the speaker, attentive, soaking it all up. He’s blabbering on about new experiences, all […]

Prose From The Past: The Marleys Mansion

An Explanation This is a short story I wrote in primary seven. I would have been around ten or eleven years old at the time. For whatever reason despite being a piece of creative (if you could call it that) writing, it was written in the functional writing book – normally reserved for nonfiction essays, […]

Game Of Thrones Power Rankings: Second Sons

Game of Thrones gets the first of several weddings underway, switching gears from the bear baiting and castration of last episode. Memorial day weekend means there will be no episode next week, so the Power Ranking will continue in a fortnights time. See you then. #1 Tyrion Lannister (Last Week: Not Ranked) “If my father wants someone […]

Mad Banter: The Crash

“Don’t cry; just listen to me” Ken: “Put the gun away jack!” *Car crash Roger: “Why don’t you take a nap? Your face looks like a bag of walnuts” Chaough: “Can you believe this crap?” Don: “Yes I can” Ken: “No one cares that I almost got killed?” Everyone: *No fucks given Don: “We’ve given […]

Game of thrones power rankings: the bear and the maiden fair

The Power Rankings return after a short exam hiatus. Thankfully, it seems we missed very little last week. Jon Snow took up extreme sports, Tywin Lannister did a spot of gardening, Petyr Bitchlish killed a whore and the laws of fists compelled teeth. On with the rankings! #1 Tywin Lannister (Last Week: 7) Tywin Lannister […]