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The Many Faces of Jorah Mormont

A few choice expressions from JMor, our favourite obsequious Kaly-C enthusiast . Advertisements

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: And Now His Watch Has Ended

#1 Varys (last week: not ranked) Clearly, any week that finds big bald Varys of all people not only at the peak of the rankings but also as the main purveyor of ownage will be an unusual one at best (much like Varys himself). When Tyrion enters the spiders lair, he begins by asking for […]

Mad Banter: To Have And To Hold

“No. I’ve earned the money” Don: “Nice place” Pete: “Well it’s, available to you. You know, if you ever have to spend the night in the city” Don: “I live here Pete” Ken: “If he wants people to stop hating him… HE SHOULD STOP DROPPING NAPALM ON CHILDREN” Scarlet the secretary: “Harry has great ideas” […]

Essay on the development and function of B1 and B2 cells

Compare and contrast the development and function of B1 and B2 cells throughout life. INTRODUCTION: B cells are the effector cells of antibody mediated immunity, the humoral response. B cells develop from a common lymphoid progenitor cell in the specialised niche of the bone marrow and are stimulated from a naive state to an active […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Avengers Assemble

So it seems Zordon from the power rangers is lording over a kind of zombie mummy army, and there’s a… cube? Now it’s Afghanistan or something, there’s a helicopter. Samuel L Jackson was in the chopper. He seems to have glaucoma. Jeremy Renner is explaining the cube. Phillip Schoefield is nowhere to be seen. I […]

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: Walk of Punishment

And thus begins the Game of Thrones Power Rankings, a few episodes (seasons) late and  even more Gold Dragons short. Please check out the much better Mad Men Power Rankings by Mark Lisanti over on Grantland. #1 Brynden Tully (Blackfish) It’s the inaugural power rankings, and on his first time out at bat Blackfish crushes it. Game […]

Review a great game day – Persona 4

* I wrote some amount of my thoughts on why Persona 4  is great for Review A Great Game Day. It’s less of a proper review and written more in the style of ‘review a game you love’, which feels more in keeping with the aim of the project and the style of other reviews. […]