Monthly Archives: August 2013

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Confessions

Confession: I tried Ensure Plus once. It was rancid. It tasted like a melted down Milky Bar with some shame added in. Anyway, lets get cooking! Jesse Pinkman Jesse’s ricin loaded revelation seems to have robbed us of watching him live out his days as Mr. Credit To Society, raising sled dogs in a chilly […]

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Buried

This week, Breaking Bad loses it’s marbles and starts kicking them around, gleefully laughing at us mortals as we scramble after them trying to predict just what will happen next. Let’s get cooking. Walter White Walter may be vomiting in toilets and fastidiously running an empire built on the backs of exploited Mexicans; but he’s […]

A Real Hero: Office Space

Office Space 02:17 Thu, 23 Oct, 2047 [Rooftops above Sauchiehall street] It’s a moist, notably mild evening on the rooftops of Sauchiehall street. The rain is falling in a forgivingly light mist and its cold enough that I’m staying crouched to preserve warmth, but not so cold that I can’t feel my fingers. This is […]

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Blood Money

Yes, Game of Thrones and the GoT Power Rankings are on hiatus, a seeming eternity away from resuming. But don’t desperately try to fill that Charles Dance shaped hole in your life with crystal meth and questionable morality, the Breaking Bad Power Rankings are here to fill the void and tide you over till the […]