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A Real Hero: Supercharged/Waltz In The Barrowlands

21:49 Sun, 26 Oct, [Rooftops of the St Enoch Centre] A torrent of electricity flashes and flows all around me, whipping around my body, a vibrant cyclone of energy in stark contrast with the sombre grey concrete of the rooftops. Amidst the spiral, focused waves of energy are drawn into my body, pulled in through […]

A Real Hero: Office Space

Office Space 02:17 Thu, 23 Oct, 2047 [Rooftops above Sauchiehall street] It’s a moist, notably mild evening on the rooftops of Sauchiehall street. The rain is falling in a forgivingly light mist and its cold enough that I’m staying crouched to preserve warmth, but not so cold that I can’t feel my fingers. This is […]

A Real Hero: First Hurdle

First Hurdle 20:12, Wed, 16 Oct, 2047 [The West End] It’s been a long day of lectures followed by continued experiments with Professor Bryce and now the West End is cast in the dim glow of streetlights and passing cars. It makes for an odd contrast on University Avenue, but as I pass by the […]

A Real Hero: Mentor

Mentor 17:48, Sun, 13 Oct, 2047 [My House, G67, AC772] “Ouch!” Stripping the gleaming cover from the emerald wire, I’ve cut into my thumb. A tiny trickle of blood beads off, I quickly wipe it and get back to the task at hand, giving it no further thought. Bleeding has become a common occurrence lately, […]

A Real Hero: The Club

The Club 14:46, Thu, 29 Sept, 2047 [Weir Lecture Theatre; Introductory Behavioural Psychology] “And that pretty much covers the content outlined by today’s intended learning outcomes. We can start delving further into the course in earnest in the lectures after the break, but I suggest you review what we’ve covered so far to prepare for…” Forty-seven minutes past. The big […]

A Real Hero: Bright Spark

Bright Spark “Your time at University will change you” The words sound far away, lost in the cavernous expanse of the lecture theatre. Eager young faces line the rows of seats, nervous and excited. Most of the eyes are fixed on the speaker, attentive, soaking it all up. He’s blabbering on about new experiences, all […]