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Fifteen tweets that show my love for the movie “HEAT”

Heat is pretty good. I quite enjoy it. Ali_Gunningham A little insight into one of the greatest of all human achievements, Michael Mann’s HEAT –…29 Dec15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham *In case of De Niro emergency, break glass for Blu-Ray copy of Heat* Nov15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham Echoes of Heat, immense cinematography and sound design. If […]

The Immunological Basis of Asthma & Its Treatments

Introduction Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease characterised by variable, reversible airway obstruction and recurrent episodes of breathlessness or wheezing. Both the causes of the disease and the cellular machinations at play are complex, numerous and incompletely understood. In defining the underlying cause of asthma it is necessary to understand that it is a […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Roadhouse

  I’ve actually seen roadhouse before, and I’m pretty sure I thought it was good. Prove me wrong Swayze. Turquoise bolo tie. Bold. Swayze just brushed off getting stabbed like it was a papercut. Why isn’t autocorrect bothered by “Swayze”? I’ve been headhunted for several jobs while shirtless and performing first aid on myself. Dalton […]