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Game Of The Year 2012

Finally, I bring you a belated GOTY list cum essay for 2012. What felt like a rather short Christmas break followed by a return to Uni slowed the process of getting this done. I both felt that I needed a sufficient amount of time with the Xmas influx of games to finalise the list and […]

Persona 4

In lieu of a forthcoming litany of praise in favour of Persona 4, I’ll simply tell you that Persona 4 is by far the best game I’ve played this year despite being a ps2 JRPGrealeased in 2008. While I haven’t played the updated release (Persona 4 Golden), which is poised to come to the UK in a […]

Immunochemistry lab report

Immunochemistry lab report INTRODUCTION: In this lab Immunoglobulin G (IgG) was purified from sheep anti-IL-15R serum using a protein G column. The absorbance of this purified sample, as well as those of: pre-immunised serum, wash through and eluate are measured using a spectrophotometer and their protein contents calculated. This purified antibody was also used to […]

Essay on the activation of the complement system and its role in disease

Q. Discuss the pathways leading to complement activation giving examples of diseases where complement regulation is impaired. Introduction The complement system consists of a group of proteins found in the blood plasma and on cell membranes. These proteins play a vital role in assisting the innate and adaptive immune responses with the destruction of pathogens. […]