Monthly Archives: September 2013

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Felina

We’re done when I say we’re done… and from the looks of it, yes actually we are just about done. But let’s not mourn the loss of the worst scientific force to emerge from New Mexico since the atomic bomb just yet. Let’s cook together, one last time. Breaking Bad: The Animal House Ending Walter […]

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Granite State

These final episodes of Breaking Bad coincide with my return to University and the concomitant ransom of my free time at the hands of masked, threatening lecturers. But while I may have more pressing responsibilities, and while it might be smarter to just let it go – much like Walter White, sometimes you start something […]

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Ozymandias

Still a little hoarse from last week’s exercise in shouting and gunplay, the Power Ranking return with some mindbending metaphysics and borderline fan fiction for Breaking Bad’s harrowing pre penultimate episode. Let’s get cooking. ? Jack enters the great, dimly lit warehouse unarmed and uncertain. His men carefully place each barrel down, steady it, then retreat […]

A Real Hero: Supercharged/Waltz In The Barrowlands

21:49 Sun, 26 Oct, [Rooftops of the St Enoch Centre] A torrent of electricity flashes and flows all around me, whipping around my body, a vibrant cyclone of energy in stark contrast with the sombre grey concrete of the rooftops. Amidst the spiral, focused waves of energy are drawn into my body, pulled in through […]

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Rabid Dog

The Power Rankings clean the carpet three times and attempt to mop up a rather messy liquid situation. Let’s get cooking. Walter ‘Mr Rogers with a lung tumour’ White “Old Yeller has the scent. Abort.” Walt grumbles, sheathing an unseasonable umbrella, taking care not to depress the trigger hidden in its handle, wary of the […]