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Stream Of Consciousness Review: Heathers

Ryder. I ride hard for Ryder. All day. Slater. Christian Slater is admittedly more of a mixed bag. Fantastic in Mr Robot though. I don’t think any movie features croquet quite so heavily. Veronica rocking something from the Beetlejuice collection there. Dyslexic serial killer handwriting alert. What is your damage! This movie is so very. […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: The Running Man

  Those are some seriously dodgy 1987 CGI running men right there. “By 2017 the world economy has collapsed. A POLICE STATE, divided into paramilitary zones, rules with an iron hand” this is another one of those unnervingly prescient Trump future movies isn’t it? These days you don’t even have to tell a guy to bomb […]

Fifteen tweets that show my love for the movie “HEAT”

Heat is pretty good. I quite enjoy it. Ali_Gunningham A little insight into one of the greatest of all human achievements, Michael Mann’s HEAT –…29 Dec15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham *In case of De Niro emergency, break glass for Blu-Ray copy of Heat* Nov15 from TweetDeck Ali_Gunningham Echoes of Heat, immense cinematography and sound design. If […]

Stream Of Consciousness Review: Roadhouse

  I’ve actually seen roadhouse before, and I’m pretty sure I thought it was good. Prove me wrong Swayze. Turquoise bolo tie. Bold. Swayze just brushed off getting stabbed like it was a papercut. Why isn’t autocorrect bothered by “Swayze”? I’ve been headhunted for several jobs while shirtless and performing first aid on myself. Dalton […]

Demolition Man: Stream of Consciousness Review

Los Angeles 1996: riots, overpopulation, rampant gun violence, Sylvester Stallone, heavily militarised police presence, seemingly random terrorist attacks… is Demolition man a documentary? Phoenix Simon Phoenix. Maniac is the word I’d use to describe Wesley Snipes. In 1996 and in 2016. PHOENIX! This intro is almost as good as the 3DO Demolition Man game. I think […]

2013 Pedo Sweepstakes

2012 has been a big year for paedophilia and we here at Gunningham heavy industries expect this to continue apace well into 2013. As such myself and some associates will be making 3 picks each for people who will be outed for pederasty or child molestation in the coming year. Whoever gets the most correct […]

One Hundred and Twenty Seven Fucking Tweets

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes you must search and prowl for just the right words to express what you feel. Then, sometimes you just have to say FUCK IT. WalkerTR77 @calza @niallptolomey Brooker co-wrote this, looks fucking awful – PM Aug 23rd from TweetDeck WalkerTR77 If Duran Duran are not part of the next Olympics someone has fucked up – […]