Film Refugee?

This is where my film reviews will be posted, as well as more meandering pieces of writing related to film – should I ever write anything such as that.

The name ‘film refugee’ bears explaining. For several years I was an active member of a movie website called The curious among you may have already thrown that into your URL bar and found that the site still exists. This is true, it does still exist though only in body, not in spirit.

There were many reasons to frequent Screened: It was an exceedingly well designed website, free of clutter and ads (until the end); it had forums filled with a friendly and laid back community and a wiki aspect which was quite robust and well supported by this community.

However, the true soul of Screened was in it’s editorial staff, Alex Navarro and Matthew Rorie. The two presented various video features and a podcast as well as writing reviews. These reviews were well written and meshed well with my own views. Screened became my arbiter of quality for film as well as a place where I could experiment with my own reviews.

Unfortunately, with the dismantling of Whiskey Media (a family of websites to which Screened belonged), the site was sold to BermanBraun and the editors moved on. Part of what made the site was that these editors interacted with their community, giving them an insight into their taste and personality. This in turn meant that the reviews could be measured alongside their author, much like being given the opinion of a close friend.

Regardless, without such a website to attach to I’d like to take my reviews here rather than have them languish in an internet purgatory. I have not written a film review for some time, however doing so was a uniquely challenging exercise which I would like to continue. Hopefully I can do so here.

* An additional note. As the reviews have been brought over from another website, a few atavistic quirks remain.

  1. Images are present throughout. In their original incarnation these were more well sized and formatted. The copy and paste function has ravaged their once well honed forms, so please excuse that.
  2. The name of the film is the title of the post. Originally it was obvious which film was reviewed so instead my title would be an attempt at a ‘witty’ summary of sorts. This has been preserved at the top of the review in bold.
  3. The reviews were written on a ‘star’ system. That is they are marked out of  5. Zero is a possible score, making it a six point scale. In any case the original score is preserved. I consider a score of some kind crucial to any review, and while there are arguments to be made for writing reviews without a score I would oppose this for various presumably boring reasons.

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