Thirteen tweets about BBC4

In an effort to review my bizarre obsession with the programming of BBC4 I’ve collated all of my tweets about it’s obscure and esoteric documentaries. There’s not even a progression towards disdain, just unpredictable bromides of random scathe and praise.

  • WalkerTR77 BBC4 has decided to air ‘Roy Orbison & friends’, in monochrome, featuring guest appearances from Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits. Bizarre.9:30 PM Jul 13th from TweetDeck
  • WalkerTR77 Part 2/3 of ‘the story of electricity’ is about to come on BBC4. I’d say it’s about a 3 on the scale of boringBBC4 documentary’s.11:55 PM May 6th from TweetDeck
  • WalkerTR77 This weeks boring bbc4 documentary is a three part series about plastic. This can only be topped by “An overlong history of basket weaving”.9:30 PM Apr 12th from TweetDeck

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