Mad Banter: Man With A Plan

“I’ll Bob you all the way out”

Joan: “Well that’s a beautiful message to read to our employees, but perhaps it’s best to wait until we’ve made all the personnel changes”

Roger: “And you need an ending”

Bert:  “We have a lot of writers out there”


Pete: “I need a seat”

Roger: “Don took the last one. That means you were here after Don”


Chaough: “Fleischmanns, groovy. We’ll get right on that”

Don: *Eyebrows


Roger:   “Burt, have a seat”

Burt:      “What is this, a bed?”

Roger:  “Yea, you might want to lie down because, here we are again”


Roger: “A lot of times in life you get to do something and you don’t realise until it’s over how much you enjoyed it, and you swear that the next time it comes around you’re gonna remember that”

Burt: “You’re right, and I think I can work with you too”

Roger: “Work? No Burt. I’m letting you go again”


Burt: “My clients will leave with me!”

Roger: “No one will ever say you weren’t funny Burt”

Burt: “You’re a real prick you know that?”

Roger:  “Damn it Burt, you stole my goodbye!”


Peggy: “I just spoke with Dawn”

Chaough: “Black or white?”


Pete’s Mom: “Honestly, is Peter any busier than you are?”

Pete: “Mother I’m Peter”


Chaough: “You don’t have any tricks when you’re stuck other than…” *motions at alcoholism


Bob Benson: “Just walk with me and I’ll Bob you all the way out. No one will know”


Bob Benson: “I have no place to go” *Sips a cola


Pete’s Mom: “I want to get my things”

Pete: “It’s raining very hard out and… it’s Saint Patricks day”

Pete’s Mom: “It’s May”

Pete: “No it’s not”

Pete’s Mom: *Befuddlement


Don: “Yes Peggy, we risked our entire company just to have you back in this office complaining again”

Peggy: “Well he can’t drink like you; and you must know that because nobody can”


Pete: “What about Cutler?”

Harry: “What about every time there’s a change around here I get knocked down to a worse office!”


Don: “Does it matter? No matter what I say, you’re the guy who flew us up here in his own plane”

Chaough: “ I guess that’s true” *Smirk


Pete: “My mother can go to hell. Ted Chaough can fly her there”


Pete’s Mom: “Peter, they shot that poor Kennedy boy”

Pete: “That was years ago Mother”

Pete’s Mom: “I just saw it on the television”

Pete: It’s six am”

Pete’s Mom: “You’ll be late for school”

Pete: “Just let me sleep”

Pete’s Mom: “I don’t understand what’s going on. They’re shooting everybody”


Disclaimer – I do not in any way condone the use of the word “banter” in any situation or context.

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